FIA Impact Data Recorder

The FIA has developed an affordable Impact Data Recorder (IDR) designed for easy installation in any competition vehicle to collect data from accidents, aiding in the global effort to enhance safety.

A key goal of the FIA Safety Department is to analyse serious accidents to better understand how to minimise the risk of fatal injuries. This effort hinges on the use of data to identify the most effective measures to improve survivability.

Please refer to the pricing matrix below for the procurement of IDR devices for ASNs:

Element Volume Price
IDR From 250 (MOQ*) up to 2,000 units £50 each
2,001 to 5,000 units
Subject to a sliding scale
£50 to £31 each
Over 5,000 units £31 each
License fee** Only applicable to
volumes sub 2000 units

*MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity
**License fee – License fee for FIA IDR Database and FIA IDR app – Applicable to the FIA/ASNs making procurement of less than 2,000 IDR units per year. The initial annual database maintenance charge is due at the point of initial IDR unit delivery, and annually on the 31st January thereafter. A qualifying FIA/ASN is required to pay the annual database maintenance charge for the lifespan of their IDR units.
*** Sliding scale (See below)

IDR Unit Costs

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