The Importance of Impact Monitoring in PPE

Over the past decade we have seen the integration of technology in PPE to improve safety for workers and predetermine workplace hazards, injuries or fatalities before they happen.

Across sectors globally, leadership teams are faced with an ongoing requirement for safer equipment and processes for those working in dangerous environments, such as, oil and gas, mining, manufacture, military and emergency management.

Due to this demand, wearable technology is becoming more prevalent in PPE than ever before with enhanced safety management being implemented on worksite monitoring on the rise. PPE sensors have been seen to measure gas, chemical, heat, sound, and UV exposure and these are integrated into PPE and clothing to improve workplace safety.

Impact sensors have been used increasingly in PPE in recent years, particularly in helmets to detect and monitor any impacts or unexpected movement, in addition to using GPS tracking in order to locate employees in sparsely populated or vast sites.

Effective impact detection technology for PPE is crucial for those working in high risk roles, or where ongoing monitoring is required.

Impact Detect’s patented low power BLE technology allows wearable impact monitoring to be delivered as a low-cost and durable solution, all housed in a smart polymer that can withstand extreme temperatures and mechanical filtering properties. Our impact monitoring technology can be developed for application on all areas of the wearer body, not just retrofitted in helmets, though this is the most common application of the technology.

In addition to this, Impact Detect bridge the gap between wearable PPE impact technology and instant review of impacts and activity over a set threshold. Our technology connects with our mobile application to view impacts and activity, all of which are then stored on a secure cloud-based database for ongoing data review and analysis.

About Impact Detect

Impact Detect patented impact detection technology is small, lightweight, low-cost, robust and battery powered.

These properties make our technology easy to integrate within both new and existing helmets, PPE or monitoring equipment with little or no issues relating to weight or wearer comfort. To date Impact Detect solutions have been integrated for use in the motorsport, mobility and team sport markets. The use cases for Impact Detect technology span virtually any market where a helmet is required, from mining and construction, to military, rescue services and sports.