Mounting Evidence Calls for Improved Safety in Equestrian Sports

Jockeys have long faced the risk of falling from a horse and sustaining a head trauma, but new and mounting evidence is starting to show the harsh long term consequences of such head impacts in jockeys. As a result, new technologies are being introduced, to mitigate the risk of long term brain danage and ensure that jockeys are 100% fine to ride after a head injury, before they are allowed to go back.

Growing evidence is showing that the risk of long term brain damage multiplies with every concussion, which a jockey may experience serveral times during their career. These mutiple concussions are proven to increase the risk of a neurodegenerative condition that is known to lead to dementia at a young age.

The new technology, created by NeuroFlex is being tested by 400 riders, and is aimed at analysing riders brains to ensure they are completely recovered from a concussion before riding again, mitigating the risk of a secondary brain injury.

About Impact Detect

Impact Detect patented impact detection technology is small, lightweight, low-cost, robust and battery powered.

These properties make our technology easy to integrate within both new and existing helmets, PPE or monitoring equipment with little or no issues relating to weight or wearer comfort. To date Impact Detect solutions have been integrated for use in the motorsport, mobility and team sport markets. The use cases for Impact Detect technology span virtually any market where a helmet is required, from mining and construction, to military, rescue services and sports.