FIA Impact Data Recorder to be Deployed at the FIA 2022 Motorsport Games

The FIA Motorsport Games will be returning in October 2022 and will be held at Circuit Paul Ricard in France.

The FIA Impact Data Recorder (IDR) is to be used in all competition vehicles throughout the event to detect and measure any impacts to vehicles.

The FIA IDR was developed in partnership with Impact Detect and launched in 2021. The IDR offered the FIA a notable advancement in competitor saftey that will aid in identifying impact data trends to help reduce fatal accidents in grass roots motorsport worldwide.

The FIA IDR is a small, lightweight and low cost impact data recorder, developed by the FIA Safety Department in collaboration with Impact Detect. The IDR is affixed in motorsport competition vehicles where is can accurately record all impacts over a two year period, with no wiring or charging required.

About Impact Detect

Impact Detect patented impact detection technology is small, lightweight, low-cost, robust and battery powered.

These properties make our technology easy to integrate within both new and existing helmets, PPE or monitoring equipment with little or no issues relating to weight or wearer comfort. To date Impact Detect solutions have been integrated for use in the motorsport, mobility and team sport markets. The use cases for Impact Detect technology span virtually any market where a helmet is required, from mining and construction, to military, rescue services and sports.