FIA IDR Competitor Guide

FIA IDR user guides and information for motorsport competitors.

Competitor FIA IDR Installation Guide


Identify a suitable area to afix your IDR, on the floor and as close to the centre of the cockpit as possible, e.g. under the seat in a formula car, or the transmission tunnel in a touring car.

WARNING: Do not install the IDR in a location that will get hot, e.g. above the exhaust.


Clean and degrease the area where the IDR will be fitted using a solvent degreasing solution or similar.


Remove the backing from the adhesive pad on the bottom of the IDR and afix it to the chassis ensuring that the tip of the arrow is facing directly towards the front of the car.

Installation Tips


DO make sure the IDR’s arrow is pointing directly towards the front of the vehicle.



DO ensure your activate your IDR following the ‘Activating your IDR’ guidance, once your IDR is installed.


DO NOT use solvent based cleaners on your IDR, this will cause the QR code to fade.



DO NOT complete any welding on the vehicle within 1 metre of the installed IDR, if this is required, the IDR must be removed and refitted afterwards.

Activating your FIA IDR



Once your IDR is installed, download the FIA IDR App by searching ‘FIA IDR’ on App Store or Google Play



Select ‘Activate IDR’ in the app, enter your email address and scan the IDR QR code using your phone’s camera to activate.



You will receive notification that activation has been successful. Your IDR is now ready for use.

Download the FIA IDR App

The FIA IDR App is required for device activation and official incident reporting

App Store Download

Download the FIA IDR App from App Store

Play Store Download

Download the FIA IDR App from the Play Store

Frequently asked questions for competitors

I am having trouble scanning and connecting to the IDR

The FIA IDR app will activate the IDR once it connects to the device. Please complete the following checks:

  1. Check that you have allowed the FIA IDR app access permissions to your camera so that it is able to scan the IDR QR code.
  2. Ensure that you have a stable WiFi or cellular internet connection.
  3. Do not move your phone away from the IDR device, after completing the QR scan and before activation confirmation.
  4. If you see the message ‘Already activated’ the IDR device has already been registered as an active IDR device.

If you continue to experience issues in activating the IDR using the FIA IDR app please contact

How do I use the FIA IDR officials reporting functionality?

The IDR Inside sticker makes officials aware that your vehicle is fitted with an IDR. You will need to affix your IDR Inside sticker to the exterior of your vehicle, in a place that is easily visible, once your IDR is installed and activated.

What should I do if I have no internet connection?

If you have damaged the adhesive pad whilst fitting your IDR, or you need to refit your IDR after removing it, please arrange a replacement by contacting


My vehicle has been in an incident

If your vehicle has been in an incident at an organised race event, the official at the event will scan the IDR and record the impact data.

If your vehicle is in an impact at a track day or outside of an official event, please inform an official at the next official event you complete in, the official will be able to scan the IDR for you.

If your vehicle has been fire damaged and the IDR appears to have heat damage, you will need to arrange a new IDR installation.

What is the 'IDR Inside' vehicle sticker for?

We advise that you DO NOT use solvent based cleaners on your IDR, this will cause the IDR QR code to fade.

If you QR code has faded, it is important you request a replacement QR code for your IDR as soon as possible, referencing the email address you used to activate your IDR and emailing 

The competitors IDR is damaged or the QR has faded

If the IDR is damaged or the QR code is faded, the IDR function and/or the ability for the IDR to connect with the FIA IDR app may be compromised. Please contact

I can't remember my passcode to access the app

Wait until you have a stable Wifi or cellular connection, then attempt to activate your IDR again using the FIA IDR app.


I am an official and a competitor, can I use both versions of the app?

No, the sensors have a 2-year lifespan, and are programmed to stay awake so they will never miss an impact.

What happens if I forget to take a photo of an incident?

The sensors are capable of recording and storing up to 90 impacts at a time, and an unlimited number during its lifetime.


Can I close the app whilst the impacts are downloading?

When a report is submitted by an ASN official following an impact, the impact data is retrieved from your IDR via Bluetooth then sent via a secure server to your ASN in the form of an impact data report.

How do I activate my IDR?

Full app instructions can be found here:

FIA IDR App Activation Instructions

How do I install my IDR?

Full installation instructions are provided within the IDR packaging.

View installation instructions online