Team sports helmets

Ongoing research has shown technology to make team sports safer is long overdue. Impact Detect integrable technology allows for ongoing head impact motitoring in team sports.

Team Sports Made Smarter.

Designed and engineered to be integrated into virtually any helmet or headband. Impact Detect smart sensor technology is small and virtually weightless and can be used to improve the safety of competitors across all team sports.


Impact Detect for team sports helmets

During team sports one of the major dangers is the frequency of impacts as well as the severity of them. ID inside will report on both these and give the user, or any coach, vital information that allows them to make an informed decision about the players continued participation in the game.


Severity of Impact

A competitor suffering a blow to their head or helmet has little way of knowing how severe an impact actually is to their health and the ongoing safety of their helmet. Impact Detect is able to notify users if a new helmet may be required or if medical attention should be sought out.


Medical Awareness

Many mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBIs) go unreported and untreated. Impact Detect technology is able to alert the user when an impact to the head that may potentially cause an MTBI occurs. Allowing the user to seek medical attention for further investigation.


Instant Data Download

When an impact over threshold is detected in an Impact Detect device, it is stored and becomes instantly available for download via BLE using our Impact Detect mobile application technology.


SOS Alerts

Impact Detect systems are created using low powered BLE technology that is able to connect with our mobile app systems to create SOS alerts to pre-set emergency contacts in the instance an impact over a set threshold is detected.

Frequently asked questions about
Impact Detect for team sports helmets.

How does Impact Detect technology work?

The Impact Detect technology can be integrated within new or existing helmet models, usually within the helmet liner, or it can be affixed within other wearable head garments, such as headbands. The Impact Detect technology is continuously monitoring for impacts over a set threshold, when such an impact occurs, the Impact Detect sensor records the impact data ready for download via Bluetooth.

Impact Detect have produced several mobile based applications that allow impact data to be instantly download via an app, or downloaded at a later date. The app systems are able to notify users of impact severity based on the implementation of pre-set impact severity thresholds, or send live user impact alerts.

What is an mTBI?

An mTBI is a mild traumatic brain injury usually results from a violent blow or jolt to the head or body. There may be signs of injury to the head, such as bruising or cuts, or there may be no visible injury.

Why are MTBIs concerning?

Mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) can cause changes in brain activity, leading to headaches, fatigue, disorientation, and irritability.

The frequency of mTBI plays a significant role in injuries and symptoms, for example, someone who has experienced multiple head injuries may experience life-altering symptoms, such as neurodegenerative diseases and depression.

Will Impact Detect affect competitor comfort and performance?

The short answer is no. Competitors would never even know Impact Detect technology was integrated within their helmet or head garment unless they were made aware. The technology is small and super light weight, it can be placed within a helmet or headband liner and is battery powered, requiring no charging or wiring in its lifespan. It really is as simple as ‘fit and forget’.