To make the affordable Impact Data Recorder (IDR) as accessible as possible to all ASNs, the FIA have developed an ASN syndicate incentive for IDR procurement, so that ASNs can meet the requirements for minimum order quantities (MOQs) and access more competitive IDR unit prices.

The syndicate incentive allows ASNs to join to create a syndicate of two or more ASNs, to submit a combined procurement request for IDR units.

FIA IDR Tech Specification
IP Rating This product is rated IP69, designed to operate in harsh environments with frequent exposure to water, dust and debris.
Weight 20 grams
Duration Pre/post impact trigger time recording customisable.
Range Tri axis accelerometer +/- 200 g
Operation Power ‘Armed Mode’ Mode 8 μA current
Storage Ability to store ~100 impacts in memory, stored in flash memory
Measurement & recording Programmable impact recording thresholds for armed and recording modes
Power supply 2-year in-operation coin cell battery life (nominal voltage ~3.3V) no recharge/ maintenance required. (Re-chargeable version available)
Frequency Records at a sampling frequency of 1600Hz
Event Precision Programmable event trigger (application dependant)
Operation temp range 15°C to 85°C
Monitoring Records initial impact event exceeding programmed thresholds. Continually records if subjected to subsequent impact events

Please refer to the pricing matrix below for the procurement of IDR devices for ASN syndicates:

Element Volume Price
IDR From 250 (MOQ*) up to 2,000 units £50 each
2,001 to 5,000 units
Subject to a sliding scale
£50 to £31 each
Over 5,000 units £31 each
License fee** Only applicable to
volumes sub 2000 units

*MOQ – Minimum Order Quantity

**License fee – License fee for FIA IDR Database and FIA IDR app – Applicable to the FIA/ASNs making procurement of less than 2,000 IDR units per year. The initial annual database maintenance charge is due at the point of initial IDR unit delivery, and annually on the 31st January thereafter. A qualifying ASN is required to pay the annual database maintenance charge for the lifespan of their IDR units.

In the instance of ASN syndicate device procurement, IDR database payment will be calculated per ASN and not the conglomerate total. ASN payment for database access applies on singular ASN basis. For example, if four ASNs form a syndicate for procurement and each order 1,000 units (4,000 units in total) a payment of £2,000.00 (GBP) per annum would be due from each of the four ASNs. Conversely, if two ASNs place one single order for 4,000 units made up of 2,500 parts for ASN A, and 1,500 parts for ASN B, ASN A would not be required to pay the £2,000 annual database maintenance contribution fee, whereas ASN B would be required to pay the £2,000.00 (GBP) annual database maintenance fee.

*** Sliding scale (See below)

IDR Unit Costs

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